How do these video games work?


Digitally connect with your client or student using your preferred video conferencing platform.


Log in to your SLP Video Games account and begin sharing your computer’s screen with your client or student so both of you can browse the awesome collection of video games.


After choosing a video game to play, send the “Share Link” directly to your client or student through your video conferencing platform’s chat feature.


End your screen sharing and ask your client or student to start screen sharing once the person has clicked the “Share Link” and the video game is up.


Now that you can see the video game’s main page on your client’s or student’s screen, ask the person to press the “Start” button.


Before the video game officially begins, your client or student must choose what flashcard set the person would like to see within the video game’s pause screen.


Once the appropriate flashcard set is chosen, your client or student can play the video game for a few moments before you ask the person to press the “Pause” button to bring up the flashcards.


Go through a few flashcards with your client or student while providing the person with individualized prompts and cues.


After the client or student has participated in an appropriate amount of practice with the flashcards, press the “Pause” button again to resume the video game.


While your client or student is playing the video game, feel free to point out any details from the video game that directly connects to what the person is working on.


Enjoy the speech-language therapy video game goodness!


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